Run for Cover concealer
The concealer has been enriched with a unique active ingredient Eye’fective containing the essence of white flowers - hawthorn and Arabic Jasmine. It smoothes wrinkles by 37% and lightens under-eye shadows by 61% after just 4 weeks of application.
Cheeky Mascara
A long-lasting mascara that provides a lifted lash effect.It's easy to apply mascara that lengthens and lifts eyelashes. Its light, gel formula allows it to be applied in successive layers while creating the desired effect.
Liloosh Mascara
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Panoramic lash volume effect.It is a mascara that provides a maximum volume and an instant effect with just one stroke. Its sensual scent of amber and black orchid makes using Liloosh a real everyday ritual. The hourglass-shaped brush, resembling a female body shape, ensures maximum volume and the panoramic effect. The unique, wavy nylon brush bristles perfectly reach even the smallest eyelashes making them look thicker.
Mattlicious eyeshadow palette
Matt eyeshadows of the new quality.New formula - 100% matt.Matt is delicious!The palette includes eight perfectly matched colours, that give the ability to create various looks. We have achieved a nice balance by selecting four cool-toned shades as well as four warm-toned colours.Such shades composition makes the eyeshadows ideal for any skin tone and will make any iris pop.
Eyes on Mascara
With the Eyes On mascara, the foxy eyes effect is now within your reach!A mascara that provides a super trendy foxy eyes effect - lengthened, thickened, and lifted eyelashes. It ensures an ultra-black finish, visually lifts the outer corners of the eyes, and opens up the look making it flirtatious. The Eyes On mascara is equipped with an ergonomic cone-shaped brush that makes it easy to style eyelashes with no smudging. Its long bristles separate the eyelashes effectively and its shorter bristles provide extra volume with every application.
Eyegasm Mascara
Get a sexy look with just one brush stroke. Paese’s Eyegasm Mascara with its perfectly designed bristles provides the effect of extreme volume, lengthening and eyelashes curling. Its shiny intense black and vegan formula, based on plant waxes nurtures the eyelashes stimulating their growth to enhance a deep look.Let us introduce Eyegasm, a vegan mascara that ensures the effect of maximum lash volume. The hourglass-shaped silicone brush will reach the shortest lashes for a push-up effect. The firm brush core ensures precise definition and incredible lifting. Its original formula is based on natural waxes and oils to nurture eyelashes and stimulate their growth.
The Wave long-lasting mascara
The Wave is a long-lasting mascara that lengthens, curls and separates lashes. The wave-shaped silicone brush lifts lashes instantly, and the different lengths of the brush bristles allow mascara to cover every lash lightweight creamy formula does not crumble or clump.