About Dewers [ˈdʒuːûrs, ers]

Taking care of ourselves is necessary. Our care, internally and externally, makeup, skincare and pampering, are not words that you will just see appearing in beauty articles, on TV, Instagram or TikTok. All together is the necessary condition to have self-confidence and above all to love you without restrictions. Besides, think about how many times you felt even a little nicer after applying a face mask or your moisturizer before saying "good morning" and "good night".

Dewers is not a typical beauty destination. It is a meeting point for all of you who are looking for radiance in the skin (without having to apply too many products) and lifestyle.

Plus, it is addressed to all women. To those who love their face care and makeup and are always looking for something more to include in their beauty routine. To those who are not passionate about skincare or makeup, but always want to look well-groomed. For those who do not have much time to spend in front of a mirror, but want to look relaxed and bright with two or three quick steps.

Here you will find premium and niche beauty products that do just that. They offer the healthiest and dewy (radiant) version of your skin, which in turn leads to confidence to achieve everything you have dreamed of -dewers is for doerstoo. Last but not least, skincare and makeup brands I have chosen are vegan & cruelty-free, so they are ideal and friendly for every skin type, and of course for the environment.

Shop. Dew. Enjoy. Repeat.


Maria Koutsaka