Bronzing balm-Coast life
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A bronzer that gives the face a natural, sunkissed look without looking with makeup on. The balm is eco-friendly formulated and moisturizes for healthy glowing skin. 
Blending Brush
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A dense yet incredibly soft brush for blending our cream balms. Ensures an even finish on the skin. The handle is made of 100% recyclable aluminum and the extra soft bristles are of course vegan. 
BB Cream with Hyaluronic Acid
Natural (98%) BB cream with ultra-light consistency that blends perfectly into the skin leather. The formula of the product is rich in active ingredients that effectively regenerate the skin and improve its hydration. The complexion is silky soft and smooth. BB cream has properties antioxidant, protects against pollution and negative effects by blue light. Provides a natural, slightly matte finish - without the mask effect. Skin is optically smoothed.
Long Cover Fluid Foundation
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A foundation that perfectly evens out the skin tone and conceals all skin imperfections. It makes your skin look fresh and radiant all day long. It conditions and moisturizes the skin and soothes irritations.
Lush Satin Multivitamin Brightening Foundation
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A vitamin highlighting foundation, rich in active ingredients. It contains a vitamin cocktail, as well as minerals and microelements. It gently smooths the skin and guarantees a fresh and healthy look.
Highlighter balm
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A hydrating highlighter that illuminates and refreshes the skin. 
A versatile makeup product that gives the skin the perfect glow without glittering. The nourishing ingredients give the skin a healthy and fresh look. 
Wonder Glow Liguid Highlighter
We are presenting the Wonder Glow Liquid Highlighter! Its innovative liquid formula with pearl powder makes the highlighting effect much more intense. It guarantees a velvety, long-lasting, and shiny finish.
Self Glow Bronzing Powder
Self Glow provides a natural, sun-kissed effect.Bronzing powder with innovative formula. Thanks to its light texture, it smoothes the skin without accentuating its structure. With two shades, the effect can be graduated: from subtle facial contouring to a golden beach tan.
Hydrobase Under Makeup
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This hydrating 2-in-1 primer combines skin care with makeup. Its light texture makes the product absorbed quickly and the application of foundation easy. It fills out small wrinkles and ensures the makeup lasts longer. Suitable for all skin types. 
Wonder Glow Highlighter
This amazing highlighter will make the skin look young and healthy. Its hoya lacunosa extract, which has anti-inflammatory, soothing, highlighting, and moisturising properties, provides a unique level of skincare. It beautifully highlights the skin and shapes the facial lines, while it perfectly blends with the skin and creates a divine, luminous finish.